For your dogs and cats. Excellent for small greyhounds, whippets, hairless cats, sphynx cats.

Pets have their own privacy.

Especially naked dogs and naked cats will appreciate this warm cosy bag. The bags are made of quality fabrics of different weights, prices may vary.

Cuddly plush bags where your dogs, your cats can crawl in, also suitable for seniors who like to lie around all day in the warmth. The fabrics are very high quality.

The bags are filled with hollow fibre, thus guaranteeing stability and warmth.

Pets learn to crawl very quickly, also suitable for the car and for travel.

Outside fabric view side cover solid durable material, very strong quality fabric 650 grams. Warm plush plush inside.

Machine washable at 30 degrees, leave to dry freely.

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980.00 Kč
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