News for your dogs and cats. Great for little greyhounds, whippets, cats, hairless dogs, bulldogs ....

Especially naked dogs and naked cats will appreciate this warm cozy bag. The bags are made of quality fabrics of various weights, prices may vary.

Plushing plush bags, where your dogs will go, also suitable for seniors who like to roll in the heat all day. The fabrics are very high quality. The bags are filled with hollow fiber, thus guaranteeing stability and warmth. The color of the plush is according to the stock, it always matches the color of the bag.

The fabric has EASY CLEANING, TEFLON TREATMENT. Dirt resistant.

Dogs learn to climb very quickly, suitable for cars and travel.

Outer fabric visible side upholstery solid durable material, very strong quality fabric. Inside a warm fluffy plush. The colors of the plush inside may vary. We supply in light and dark, both are beautifully maintained.

Possibility to wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees, let it dry freely.

If you are unsure of the color, specify everything in the note.

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