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T-shirt suitable as a summer version during sports, walks. T-shirt fits beautifully, does not hinder the dog's movement, does not strangle.

We want you to know what your dogs wear on our skin.


It is a type of material, a form of nylon, which is made exclusively from waste materials in production, from products that are already discarded, but also from fishing nets, carpets and other solid textiles. However, through the process and the creation of the Econyl material itself, it becomes a kind of green alternative for their gentle renewal. It is one of the first similarly sustainable materials to be made from 100% regenerated nylon yarn, which comes from industrial waste. (This would otherwise go to landfill at the end of its life and continue to burden our planet.)

Fashion and interiors. These are the two main directions in which Econyl is widely used. Moreover, the material is virtually "immortal". It can be renewed again and again. And so new and new RE-collections can be created simply, gently and quickly.

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