How to choose clothes?

Above all, we need functional clothing. So made of functional materials and with a good cut. Before purchasing an outfit, it is therefore necessary to determine what we expect from the outfit and when the dog will use it.

Think of the different qualities that an outfit should have.
Do you want it to have insulating properties? Choose a suit with wadding, such as thermo winterjacket.
Will your dog fly in the rain or snow? Then you need a waterproof outfit, such as a waucollar.
If you need to warm the dog properly, choose a jacket that really warms up, which is fulfilled by softshell dog clothes. Softshell is a material that you will find, for example, in our winter sports jacket.
If you need to cover sensitive areas and warm up, choose, for example, our outdoor jacket.
And if the priority is that you do not restrict the dog's movement, the ideal choice will be a flexible acrylic, color sweater.