Classic collar for fastening

The collar must fit the dog well, only then will it perform its function properly. The small collar will strangle the dog, the large one will risk the dog slipping out of it.

Therefore, pay close attention to the measurement and selection of the collar. Measure the circumference of the neck with a measuring tape at the widest point of the neck just in front of the chest.

Add about 3 cm to the measured size, because the collar should be so large that 2 fingers can be inserted under it and it does not strangle the dog.

A properly measured circumference of the dog's neck will ensure that you turn the collar on the middle hole. If the total length of the classic collar with holes is stated, then choose the collar by adding about 7 cm to the measured length of the dog's neck circumference. If you find the measured length on the border of two sizes, then always choose the larger size of the collar.

Semi-retractable collar

This collar allows the possibility of both retractable and semi-retractable variants. The collar includes a welded metal ring for attaching the guide.

Put the loose collar on the neck, tighten to the required size of the neck.

Martingale collar

Martingale collars are semi-retractable collars with a stop that prevents the collar from being completely retracted. Therefore, the dog does not strangle the collar if it engages, and at the same time it is not possible to pull it over the head, and the dog cannot pull out.