Talk about neoprene should start with what this material is.

Neoprene is a special material that is made of synthetic rubber. Neoprene is most often made from waterproof neoprene suits and is used to create orthopedic structures. Still, neoprene has become a new global trend, and almost every designer in the collection has a similar coat.

However, it should be noted that these layers, especially light colors, are best washed at temperatures from 30 to 40 degrees. It is worth forgetting about cleaning with chemicals, because such material is destroyed by the action of solvents, and yes, in no case should you squeeze it. It is better not to let it dry completely.

When used correctly, very resistant to mechanical damage and chemicals. And the most important thing in this material is its durability and environmental friendliness. It is worth noting that neoprene is also frost-resistant. According to manufacturers, it is a substance that can withstand temperatures from -50 to + 90 degrees.

It is also resistant to any weather changes. A big plus for those who often think about health is that bacteria and fungi cannot multiply in neoprene, therefore this material is as safe as possible. Also, this material does not conduct current, and the wetsuit is absolutely hypoallergenic, therefore any girl can wear such a thing and not be afraid that dreams of fashion can be destroyed due to allergies to some materials.

Neoprene became fashionable and on the catwalk only in 2009. This was the first time, the designer of the Balenciaga brand, Nicolas Gascier, saw something more in this material. Thanks to the neoprene, he created a futuristic collection. In this collection there were real sensations, strict tailoring of dresses and skirts, combined with neoprene sweatshirts.

Already in 2012, the stages were covered with a wave of neoprene. Such material has gained popularity among brands such as Alexander Wang, J. Brand and other fashion houses. Already in 2014, with the arrival of the new fashion season, many designers decided to use neoprene not only for sportswear, but for dresses, and for many it was amazing. For example, the dress of the brand Cushnie et Ochs became a sensation.

Already later, a brand like DKNY merged with the fashion of neoprene dresses. Bright strapless neoprene dress became a sensation and made all fashionistas fall in love with this material. Designer Philip Lim decided to create concise images. Simple things began to look attractive thanks to the new neoprene fabric. Later, neoprene coats entered fashion, because its characteristics and lightness allowed designers to create and fashionable women to wear new and interesting coats that are not inferior to other coats with other fabrics.

Neoprene is a material that has recently become increasingly abundant and is actively used both in the industrial sphere and in the fashion world. This fabric itself is soft rubber with the addition of synthetic fibers. Things made of neoprene perfectly hold the shape, they are flexible to any person. And they also look spectacular and unusual. Today, designers use neoprenes for the manufacture of specialized sportswear, as well as stylish new products. casual clothing.

However, the big disadvantage of neoprene products is the complete plastic of the material, in which the skin does not breathe.

Therefore, the most popular skirts were neoprene.